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Top 14 tattoos on the theme of wine!

More or less discrete and easy to wear, here is a selection of my finds on the Web!

No. 1: when you love wine


No. 2: when you love wine and word games12950202_492058567653854_1016108571_n

No. 3: when you’re girly but you like the wine a bit even when bbf849222c4fe3222036b4f1022686a3

N ° 4: the most frustrating when you want an and that you have not below the elbow…e6a981f97d01f99b6632fc3f1561f0ba

N ° 5: when you’re round (e) as a barrel


N ° 6: when you didn’t know what to do as a tattoo but you love wine il_570xN.898826809_6h2d

N ° 7: when you come to Burgundy  index

No. 8: when you’re a fan of Petrus (he chose not to vintage, too bad)  Petrus-arm-tatoo_470cc4

N ° 9: when you take your feet to lead the bottles

foot tattoo

N ° 10: When the wine leaves traces  tumblr_na9imtIZVi1sr6grwo1_500

No.11: When wine means a lot to you  tumblr_o13yznI10d1rpz6byo1_500

# 12: When the truth is in wine  Wine classified tattoo

No. 13: When your feet feel good vinasse wine_barrel

No. 14: uh… When you got humor?Wine-Tattoos - sacredarts.com_

I I tate me tattoo the logo of the routes of Charlotte! ahah

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