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The rebirth of Château Marquis d’Alesme, #Margaux

There was once a castle at Margaux, Grand Cru Classé in 1855, who wrote his story and brand his time between East and West.

Conquered by his particular universe, its beauty and its wine, I’ll do my best for you make want to discover the secret of this area where the usual codes are replaced by a fabulous initiatives and architecture breathtaking.

On March 21, I had the chance to participate in an extraordinary evening in the heart of Margaux thanks Millesima, with friends bloggers. A unique experience in a unique setting.

Already, we arrived in the dark… It’s pretty rare for me to visit the properties at night, and I must admit that it is a real treat. When lighting sublime buildings, the visit takes a somewhat mystical twist, emotions are multiplying!

IMG_3544 IMG_3546IMG_3545

On the last picture you can see this building imposing, it’s the technical part of the Castle. Mounted on 3 levels, it has been thought practical, efficient and respectful of the grape:

-> the grapes and the wine are worked by gravity

-> the building has been designed, on 3 floors with a chai for peer vintages and another for the odd vintages, both distributed in 3 rooms in order to keep the ideal temperatures to the ageing of the wine

Although this remote may feel a bit massive, the Interior was designed with attention to detail, taste and comfort:

-> The Asian-inspired architecture has been validated by experts in Asian art. It’s simple and really very classy!

IMG_3560 IMG_3550

The highlight of the show? The winery! The reception of the harvest is at level 0 and the cuvier, in order gratvitaire is at level – 1. It is made of stainless steel vats to one side and Woods on the other. To ensure the harvest, a dragon protects the winery… Yes Yes! You read! The railing that lets you come and go over the wood vats and stainless steel tanks is actually a long tail of dragon made in patinated brass scales! I leave you admired this architectural masterpiece:


Actually it’s even more spectacular than in the photo! For the Daenerys Targaryen fan like me, I sincerely invite you to discover this place!


But is that what all these facilities to produce good wine?

For the record, the Marquis of Alesme castle belongs to the same owners as the Château Labégorce, PERRODO family. We so enjoyed the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 (first!) of the two properties. This allowed us to make a nice comparison!

I really preferred the Château Marquis of Alesme in terms of tasting. I found it more and more harmonious in General:

-> 2013: very aromatic and harmonious / pretty greedy black fruit notes / 50% new wood very melted (big crush! like what the 2013 vintage full of surprises!)

-> 2014: gourmand with a note smoked at the nose / Woods / / a real side velvet and silk

-> 2015: a great power and a lot of material. A vintage that looks really good!

It takes about €35 the bottle to the property, which is very affordable for a Grand Cru class in 1855.

And regarding enotourism how’s it going?

I haven’t had the chance to discover wine tourism of property activities because they were not yet implemented at that time. “But heard us ‘ of an enchanted moment” that I can’t wait to find out!

Here is how the Castle talking on the website:


In an architectural framework exception mixing Asian and french classicism, you leave to the discovery of Marquis of Alesme. Transported by the magic of the place, you enjoy a Grand Cru class of Margaux wines with a specialist.

The walk leads to the landscaped gardens comprising of delicate mosaics of colors and scents. During this private tour customized directions Marvel and allow themselves to be drunk by many surprises. To close this luxury, the visitor has the possibility to escape in the wonderful setting of Marquis of Alesme. A breakaway when tasting continues, accompanied by chocolate treats, in complete privacy.

The parenthesis enchanted invitation allows exclusive access:

-in the hamlet, the starting point of the discovery of the area, place of conviviality and the art of living in French.
-in the winery and cellars, in a framework architectural exception is conducted the work of the time required for the development of a Grand Cru class. 
-to the great wine tasting accompanied by a delicious snack.

Time: guided tour by appointment about 1:30, then tasting gourmet to the hamlet.

Opening hours:

From May to October: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00.

Then? Tried?

A big thanks again to Viviana and the entire team of the Castle!


7 street of la Trémoille
33460 margaux


Tel: + 33 5 57 81 13 20
E-mail: [email protected]


N: 45 ° 2’30.749 ”
W: 0 ° 40’36.837 “

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