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The rules of tasting according to me!

“Who knows how to taste doesn’t drink more wine but taste of secrets.”

El Salvador Dali

You who are Bordeaux since little/long/always or passing, you love this city largely for its sweet nectar.
That things are clear: in the Bordeaux region, there are no less than 9272 estates.
at least offer 2 wines by vintages… or about 1 billion of potentially ‘degustables’ wines for you!
And I don’t mean that Bordeaux huh!
In short, choosing a wine is first taste it
and enjoy a wine and it can be learned!

Rule # 1: the wine you can watch

Once the wine is poured, you look at it.
Yes, as a dish we devour in advance when it is beautifully presented, a wine should please you
physically. It’s a matter of seduction! More enjoy, the more you will get acquainted with
your tastes and more physical of the wine will be important to your eyes.
Small vocabulary word, to shine in society:
The color of a wine was “the dress”: for a red wine, the wine is dark purple, it is young.
When he turned to orange “tile” is then a wine from an older vintage.

Rule # 2: the wine you feel

The wine breathe. Because it feels good, but not only!
We let the desire… Called in wine jargon “the nose of the wine”, takes place in two steps.
1 nose:
without moving too much glass we breathe deeply the sweet nectar. Sensations, more or less
intense will tickle the nose! Be aware that there are no stupid sensations, the tasting is
something very personal, which must revive memories in you.
2nd nose:
It is at this point that we “airs” the wine… That is to say? For beginners, I recommend
put you in a table: put your glass down, and, taking the foot, make small circles. The wine will then
turn in the glass and get some fresh air. A couple of small circles later, you can wear a second
Once the glass to your nose and breathe deeply. New sensations, often more intense
you remember the smells of red fruits, nuts, wood… Don’t be surprised if during of your
first tastings you detect no distinct smells. The tasting is a sport of long
duration! More you enjoy, the more your sense of smell will be refined.

Rule # 3: the wine you taste

Taste is not drink! In order to get the best sensations, it is essential to keep
the palate several seconds before you swallow it or spit it out. (Be aware that everything happens in the)
mouth, throat brings you no taste sensation!)
It is very important, once the nectar in the mouth, taking his time. Roll the wine on your tongue
(wine jargon is to “chew” the wine), and spread it on your gums.
Feel free to close your eyes to leverage your sensations.

Rule # 4: the wine you’ll enjoy (or not)

The main in the tasting, is the notion of pleasure.
You have the right to say when a wine don’t you do not like, even if sometimes you won’t know why. The enjoyment of a wine is really subjective.
It depends on your mood, of the conditions in which you enjoy (place, the atmosphere, the people with whom you share this moment). Don’t be afraid especially to put words on your feelings, whether positive or negative. Do you dare and more you will progress.
Do not pay attention to conventional wisdom and try experiments: try red wine over fish.
White on red meat.
That’s why I like the wine, it is capable of everything and especially we surprise…

Finally, I offer this video of tasting of the Castle Pontac-Monplaisir, vintage red PM 2012 and white PM 2011:

Enjoy all!

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