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Discover Saint-Emilion by…SEGWAY®!

Discover Saint-Emilion by…SEGWAY®!

In my quest to help you discover Bordeaux’s wine regions I tested another way to explore Saint-Emilion and its vineyards: the Segway®!

The Segway® is a two wheeled electric vehicle that is self-balancing and works by using your body weight to move forward or back. Truth be told, I did not find the idea very reassuring at first and the first 5 minutes were a little hairy…

Photo 1I met up with Jean-Baptiste at Castle La Renommée (a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru) in Saint Laurent des Combes, early in the afternoon to begin our 2 hour excursion.

After a warm welcome, Jean-Baptiste did everything he could to reassure me before I stepped onto “the beast” for my first ride!
The safety rules are well explained and, though not compulsory, the Castle provides a helmet. Which is very reassuring for nervous, first time riders (such as myself!), even though falls are almost nonexistent.

And we’re off for a 2 hour ride! In my 10 years of immersion in the Bordeaux vineyards, I have never seen Saint-Emilion from this perspective. The Segway, all-terrain, allowed us to weave through the forest, easily cutting a path through the trees. See for yourself in this live video that I took at the beginning of ride: Ride a segway®

100% eco-friendly, this means of transport barely requires any physical effort – aside from standing upright!
After making our way through the forest, we continue onto the hills of Saint-Emilion passing through the vineyards of Château Pavie (if you please!)


And then suddenly, the most beautiful panoramic view of Saint-Emilion opens itself up to us! Amazing!


Without fuss and as naturally as if Segaways were always part of this medieval landscape we roll through “La Porte Brunet”.


And so we enter this wonderful village, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.


The journey back to the chateau is an easy ride. When we arrive at Château la Renommée the team gives us a visit of the grounds and of course a tasting of their wines.
One of the particularities of this estate is that it is managed by a wine investment group (GFV – Groupement Foncier Viticole) and currently has 58 different associates. Participation i