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Relaxing wine tourism to Château Dauphine

You know the vineyards in Fronsac? Located just off Libourne, on the edge of the Dordogne, this is an exceptional terroir, where some beautiful red wines are produced. With an area of 771 hectares, it is part of the vineyard of Bordeaux. A rare wine so but accessible in terms of price.

This is the castle of the Dauphine, that I had the chance to return land fronsadaises. The Castle, one of the most beautiful of the appellation, exists since the 17th century. A beautiful architecture, a peaceful Park and technical infrastructure at the forefront of technology make this area a reference in Fronsac, but also in the Bordeaux wine region in general.


Wine tourism is an integral part of the life of the Castle. Many quality offerings, they also allowed the castle to get a Best Of Wine Tourism gold in 2014 in the category Architecture & landscape and in 2016 in the food category.

I tested for you “the tour and summer lunch“! What better way to discover the wines of the estate with a lunch at the pool of the castle during the summer. An excellent quality-price (€32 all inclusive), I sincerely recommend you this complete and peaceful service.


But let’s get back on the field visit. The castle is in in 2015 and biodynamic organic farming. Real respect the terroir and the environment is the leitmotif of the entire team of the Castle. During your visit, you can see the different variety of plants used as the doesn’t or Yarrow, according to the lunar calendar.


In the same way, the circular cuvier, was “gravity” not to stress out the grapes (we talked about during my ticket on the Château Pédesclaux). The harvest is done by hand for a large majority of the vineyard in crate. And the wine is of course fabric to get better with each vintage.

But I let you discover this by you even during your visit. Let’s move on to the first wine tasting, Castle of the Dauphine, that I tasted in 2009.




Deep red / slightly tiled

1 nose

Black fruit / spices / leather

2nd nose

Very deep, cherry, ripe black fruit / leather / a little spicy


Nice grip / character

We find the spices on the length / long

A good ten years still ageing potential


2009: €21,00 ttc property

2015: possibility to buy premiering until September 30, 2016 / €14.75 ttc (available from June 2017)

After this delicious discovery, we headed to the pool of the Castle, where a nice breakfast waiting for us:

IMG_6072-1IMG_6081-1It is fresh, clean, peaceful… a perfect cocktail that I will not hesitate to do it again!

Many thanks to Elisa for its warm welcome and kindness!


Castle of the Dauphine
Street Poitevine
33126 fronsac
05 57 74 06 61
[email protected]

 website: Castle of La Dauphine

Opening hours by appointment
Monday 9: 00 – 13: 14-17 h
Tuesday 9: 00 – 13: 14-17 h
Wednesday 9: 00 – 13: 14-17 h
Thursday 9: 00 – 13: 14-17 h
Friday 9: 00 – 13: 14-17 h

Visit & summer lunch

Classic tour with 1 wine tasting.
Lunch with slates of cold dishes

(gazpacho, cold cuts, cheeses, club sandwich etc) near the pool to overflow from the property. With 1 wine.

Individual price: €32.00 TTC/person
Visit 45 min + 1 wine tasting lunch with 1 wine.
Booking of slate 36 hours in advance.
From May to October, Monday to Saturday by appointment.

Other tours available:

The classic tour: €5.00 TTC/person / time 45 min.

The Privilege visit: €7.00 TTC/person / duration of about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The sensory visit: €10.00 TTC/person / duration about 1 h 30.

The agreement visit: €21.00 TTC/person / duration about 1 h 30.

Visit & panoramic picnic

€28.00 TTC/person / 8 people maximum. / Visit 45 min + 1 wine tasting + picnic with 1 wine.

Visit & friendly lunch: €42.00 TTC per person, wine included.
Throughout the year, lunch only. On the terrace or in the private rooms of the Castle

Visit & refined meal: €82.00 TTC per person, wine included.
Year-round. Lunch or dinner on the terrace or in the private rooms of the Castle.

The kitchen of the Dauphine workshops:

For groups of 6 people maximum, possibility to organize cooking classes

on the topic of the finger food in the company of a leader. After the course, tasting of dishes around the pool with a glass of wine.

On request only.


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    Jul 7, 2017

    Les Forts de Latour since 1966, and a third wine, simply named Pauillac, has been released every year since 1990.

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    Sep 12, 2017

    Those perfect experiences were rewarded with the Gold Prize of the Best of Wine Tourism Contest.

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    Oct 31, 2017

    Welcome to Chateau de La Dauphine, here you will find information about the property, its history, and the wines.

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