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When Cognac is in spotlights!

On February 1, I had the chance to be invited to the Cultural Institute of Bernard Margrez to Bordeaux for a Cognac tasting with Sommelier International initiative. I let you discover this beautiful moment in the video below…


Sommeliers International, tasting of brandy to the Institute Bernard Magrez Bordeaux

Charentaise of birth (and proud of it) as some know, I am interested in the Cognac and wine origins for only 2 years… Before I considered Cognac as a very strong alcohol. I had a lot of trouble to go through the barrier of alcohol and feel the aromas, yet many and explosive… After a bit of practice, I must admit that it is a magical nectar that hide many secrets!


During my first charentaises peregrinations, I organized a day with friends bloggers to discover with them the wine tourism assets that offer this beautiful region. Here is the return in tweet and image of this crazy day: CLICK HERE! A big thank you to Courvoisier and the area of the Frolet for their hospitality and their pedagogical approach.

98% of the sales of Cognac are made for export, only 2% of consumption is French. For a 100% french product, it’s still too bad. My small way, I try to change this situation and offers systematic aperitif of Cognac rather than other equivalent alcohols of Whisky or rum type, often in a cocktail of type ‘Brandy Schwepps citrus’.

The BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel Cognac) has implemented there is little a guide of the agreement puts and Cognac very complete and really interesting to make this more accessible sweet nectar. It is really possible to have fun and break the codes of the Cognac!

Below, major chords:

Screenshot 2016-04-06 at 16.31.24

Reminder, back on the 4 types of Cognac: (source: BNIC)

Cognac VS

VS, “Very Special”, means that the youngest Assembly brandy has aged at least two years in oak. He has in essence the strength and the energy of youth, with all the oral and fruity aromas typical of spirits of wine. Alcohol has not yet had time to completely blend. This results in a side spot on the nose and dry in the mouth. The Cognac VS appears Woody, vanilla and spicy.

Cognac VSOP

VSOP “Very Superior Old Pale”, the youngest of the spirits of the Assembly has aged at least four years in oak barrels. With a certain sweetness, the VSOP shows more wooded and spicier than the VS, but also more confit and greediest. Its fruity aromas are on the dry stone, with the appearance of dry fruits fruits. The burning of the drum brings notes of toasted and roasted, chocolate or coffee.

 Cognac XO

XO, “Extra Old”, the youngest of the spirits of the Assembly has aged at least six years in oak. Often more than 10 or 20 years. It is the most structured and rich cognacs, with the more aromatic complexity (leather, rancio: aroma of a Cognac evolved natural /oxydation). A rare softness, this Cognac is the age of the fullness. Alcohol is perfectly melted. He won in bold and is slightly sweet and bitter.

The Frozen Cognac: an experience!

It’s the Cognac served out of the freezer at-18 °. Not to be confused with Cognac hit or ‘chilled’, served fresh and close to 0 ° C. More oily, rounder, its sensation of alcohol disappears in the nose and in the mouth. The VS served Frozen offers a range of aromas, concentrated on vanilla, fruits and spices that are more melted. He lost his wooded side.

For more information, download the pdf: Cognac major agreements!

As I said in the beginning of this article, on February 1st, I was invited to a tasting organized by International Sommelier. Find my beautiful discoveries in photos at the end of article.

I had a real favorite for rare of the House Meukow. It’s a very old cognac directly drawn from the old oak barrels and naturally bottled to the degree of the drum. Rancio (evolved aroma of a Cognac / natural oxidation) and the incomparable aromatic persistence testify to a very long aging in the shade and moisture in the cellar ‘paradise ‘. The color is amber very dark, clear with golden highlights. What struck me particularly is very aromatic, almost soft grip in the mouth. Alcohol is much less present than on less old Cognac. I think for a beginner approach, this Cognac should make people happy!
In terms of agreements, we must admit that icon of Meukow was perfect on the Caviar (a luxury agreement I grant you, but very nice). The Meukow house team was very available and tuned to advise me the best according to my tastes. I think go visit this great home soon!
My second big crush was on the Pineau white Extra old house Remi Landier! I thank also the buddy God Bless Bacchus blogger for this wonderful discovery! It is a very aromatic pineau. He was selected by Jean-Yves Landier, co-founder of the House Remi Landier. This lot had spent more than 15 years in barrels of oak french and reaches remarkable maturity and balance. A limited series of 536 bottles, this pineau is the result of the delicate Assembly of the juice of fresh grapes and Cognac.
My unusual discovery I owe to CARA & CO which offers a delicious cocktail of Cognac, milk and caramel fleur de sel! Served chilled with ice, I found this original and refreshing!
Then? Convinced by the Cognac?
In my next post, we’ll talk tourism and wine tourism in Charente Charente tourist with, meanwhile discover the theme of the guide to the routes of Charlotte: A stop in Charentes.
A big thanks to Sommelier International for charentais right in the heart of Bordeaux and the walks of Claire for the invitation.

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