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Pomerol, which sends!

On June 4, I attended one of the best nights of my life! And it’s Pomerol than that it happened, on the occasion of the Spring Festival.

But before talking about this fabulous evening, back a bit on the appellation itself.

The site of the wines of Bordeaux offers this small description that traces the outline of the wine that produced this wonderful name that is Pomerol!


Historically speaking, Pomerol lived! It’s also the privileged witness of the Roman civilization!

Not to do any odd error, I share with you history suggests the name on its website:

“Once two ancient paths crisscrossed his tray. One was also followed by the poet Ausonius when he went to the port of Condat, near Libourne, at his villa in Lucaniac.
These are, first, the Romans then the Hospitaliers of Saint – John of Jerusalem who cultivated the vine of this parish. The Santiago pilgrims who followed the traditional route of Pomerol, there were hospitality and comfort. And for them, Pomerol was a momentous step. The generous wines had no doubt contributed to restore the necessary courage to continue their pilgrimage and go through many stages in deca and beyond the Pyrenees.
In the 12th century and during all the middle ages, the vineyards of Pomerol grew largely through the Commanderies of Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta are now developed. Devastated and abandoned by the tribulations of the hundred years war, and the wars of Religion, the vineyard was finally restored in the 15th and 16th centuries. The hospital then, established their first commandery in Libourne. They edited a mansion “hospice” alas, disappeared and a church of the pure novel, unfortunately, destroyed by fire in the 19th century. She will be replaced by a more spacious Church, which the arrow, today still stands, in the heart of the vineyard.
In the middle of the 18th century the modern face of this prestigious Appellation loomed.
Since then, the viticulture knew a growing boom. Its wines were increasingly sought by lovers of the world. During the 19th century, foreign ships, fans and buyers of its wines overseas carried the fame of Pomerol.

The best international centres traders, connoisseurs, clung to visit Pomerol, regularly in order to follow more closely the evolution of wines and buy them.
Entered its phase of modernization and expansion, the vineyard was at the end of the 19th century to interrupt its course before the phylloxera invasion. Come across the Atlantic, this dangerous parasite destroyed all of the Bordeaux wine region. Pomerol will be restored again.
The development of viticulture pomerolaise will be boosted by the arrival of new families from essentially Corrèze and Belgium during the interwar period and after 1945. Important trading activity played a key role in the marketing of the Appellation, several owners of castles as well as traders.
At the confluence of the Isle and the Dordogne, the port of Libourne was a junction with the rest of Europe, long marked by extraordinary energy promoting the commercial activity of the region. This exceptional geographical situation contributed greatly to the growth of the local economy.

Today, this wine case remains one of the most famous vineyards in the world. Tradition meets modernity assures a future of greater peace of mind. Its size, the personality of its winemakers, the opulence of the Merlot and the specificity of its terroir guarantee originality and label.”

In terms of rate, the range is very wide! You can find top awards to 20 euros and the largest in several thousands of euros! Count on average thirty / forty euros for a good bottle report quality / price. Find the end of the article my selection!

It’s so June 4 last that took the traditional holiday of spring of the Hospitallers of Pomerol and the Château de Sales, who hosted this event. This castle is one of the oldest of the Bordeaux wine, dates from the 17th century and is absolutely gorgeous! The family of Lambert owns 5 centuries! It is therefore the 23 generations (and very soon the 24th) who is in charge.

The Spring Festival begins with the enthronement of personalities from the world of wine (or other) so that these become Ambassadors of the wines of Pomerol worldwide. So I had a GREAT chance to meet 2 players to the All Blacks, New Zealand rugby national team, amongst the inductees:


After this pretty staged, where long red robes hospital, speech, tradition and authenticity are mixed, we have “crossed the gates of heaven” in order to enjoy a cocktail with champagne served in the garden of the Castle!

Charlotte routes / Pomerol / / Spring Festival

Charlotte routes / Pomerol / / Spring Festival

I do some wonderful encounters at this cocktail, but the evening was only beginning.

It must tell you dinner… Designed by Hélène Darroze, the menu was to die, honestly!

Charlotte routes / Pomerol / Spring Festival / Hélène DarrozeCharlotte routes / Pomerol / Spring Festival / Hélène DarrozeCharlotte routes / Pomerol / Spring Festival / Hélène DarrozeCharlotte routes / Pomerol / Spring Festival / Hélène Darroze

The dinner is simple: there were 58 tables of 10 people (that’s a few people I grant you!). The service was of course table. But for wines, there is a ceremonial! 900 bottles were opened for the occasion and here is how they got us to table:

Charlotte routes / Pomerol / Spring Festival

All the tables were not the same bottles of wine, so the principle is to trade with the other tables in order to taste other wines! In short a really friendly while I particularly appreciated! (and which allowed me to taste the pine Castle!)

Charlotte routes / Pomerol / Spring Festival

And the moment of the cheese… to tell you I still have chills… Like a dream that came true… A bottle of Petrus 2003 served on all tables… It was a first for me and I have to tell you that it’s a wine to share, a nectar sweet, sublime, velvet and intense aromas, a delicacy… In short this time, I’ll never forget…

Charlotte routes / Pomerol / Spring Festival / Petrus

After this delicious meal at once friendly and standing, and this sequence emotion, we have been invited to go to watch the final show at Lake property, orchestrated by Eric the Collen (the Director of the battle of Castillon, I will tell you the week next in another post). It was exhilarating…

Charlotte routes / Pomerol / Spring Festival Charlotte routes / Pomerol / Spring Festival Charlotte routes / Pomerol / Spring Festival

Here are some of my favorite of the Pomerol AOC wines:

-> Castle of the Tailhas: / from €22,00 depending on the vintages

-> Château Bellegrave (Bio): / from €30,00 depending on the vintages

-> Château Bourgneuf: / from €31,00 depending on the vintages

-> Château Gombaude Guillot (Bio): / from €38,00 depending on the vintages

-> Château La Conseillante: / from €100,00 depending on the vintages

-> Petrus / from 1 €500,00 depending on the vintages

A very big THANKS to the castle of the Tailhas for this fabulous invitation! I have an amazing memories! Thank you, really!

I leave you with this beautiful selfie with Mr. Nebout, Grand Master of the Hospitallers of Pomerol and owner of the castle of the Tailhas:

Charlotte routes / Pomerol / Spring Festival

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