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Red Point: The Place to be!

I found my new HQ: the Red Point, to Bordaux Cocktail Bar!

If I’m not in the vineyard and looking for me, there are chances that you find me in this beautiful place, all beautiful, all Red!

Located Quai de Paludate, not the side of nightclubs but that of the Conservatory of Bordeaux, the door right next to the Total petrol station… Okay, maybe put it like that I’m not very giving you want… and yet… No storefront bling bling, just a small sign and a Bell with a red dot… When moving the door of Red Point, is in another world that one lands!


A world red dressed in, a jazzy atmosphere and a décor to fall!

The chic detail and shock: the chandelier in the restaurant part uses the same technique as the great Hall in Harry Potter! Here, here! Now you know that I am fan of the adventures of young Wizard…


In short, this adventure, Gaël thought it for 10 years with his partner, Claude Martignoles, former owner of the coffee the Regent (place de la Comédie)… It took 2 years of work to give birth to this unique place of its kind. Passionate both of great spirits and wines, they thought a concept where their passion is in the spotlight.

Yes, there’s wine, feel good! And great wines! The map is very rich and is full of almost not found nectar as a part from the personal cellar of the two partners…


The place with the wonderful CORAVIN (click on the word to learn more), you will be able to discover these wines without buying the whole bottle! And that’s a real plus!

But is not the wine that I would like to talk specifically… But the specialty of the Red Point, and makes the place a unique place in Bordeaux. With more than 300 references of spirits, is not less than 100 cocktails that the red dot offers. Don’t ask a Mojito, leave you rather surprise by their very pretty card of cocktails… The Red Point traces 200 years of history the world combining cocktails by period and Continent…


I’m not a great cocktail connoisseur. I was very scared to feel a little ‘away’ and may not enjoy cocktails at their fair value. But Gael has thought of everything and its purpose is to share his passion and especially to introduce us to this world.

It offers so every 15 days on Tuesday at 7:30, an introduction to the cocktail. For about 2 hours, you will be able to discuss with him the history of cocktails, on some secret of preparation.

Speaking of secrecy, one of the most characteristic is the ice that Gaël uses! Thanks to a machine that manufactures ice blocks transparent real-time for its cocktail ice and 120 kg, he cuts every night:


in the video it looks like this:

And the record is just PERFECT! We no longer see the ice cube in the glass! In addition, this type of ice melts slower and therefore does not dilute the cocktail. That benefits so!


Have a machine like this is to use special tools! As an impression of meet me at Jack the Ripper (a little nod to Escape Hunt by the way!)!

IMG_4811 IMG_4812 IMG_4813

But back to tonight initiation:

3 cocktails will be prepared in front of you by the very friendly staff. The must? You can choose your favorite one from the 3 and have it in classic quantity! This initiation is accompanied of tapas salty and sweet to die! The chef from Paris, prepares succulent dishes. And I have not yet tested the restaurant side (I long to do by the way!). But what about tapas, it’s really great, like a feel in the Spanish Basque country, where prawns, squids and sausages are of a very high quality.


Regarding me, I had the chance to test the 3 following cocktails:

  • Porn Star Martini
  • Moscow Mule
  • Bordeluche


All excellent, I chose the Moscow Mule at the end of the initiation (and I came back the next day to resume the Porn Star Martini).

In addition to being really good, watch the team prepare the cocktails is a really perfect and timeless moment!

You may have guessed, I am really conquered by this unique and magical place. I can’t wait to have some time to go back and leave me amazed by the magic of the place, the cocktails and the restaurant!

The big plus, for lovers of jazz, a concert is organized every Wednesday! Then then then? We found it?

IMG_5063 IMG_5068 IMG_4972 IMG_4844 IMG_4841 IMG_4846

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