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“La Cité du vin”, already 40,000 visitors in June!

On May 31, I had the chance to be part of the first visitors to the city of wine!

I am very proud to be part of these privileged and especially thrilled to have finally been able to visit this den of the wine that makes me dream for several years (exactly 3 years!) …

I don’t want to say too much to leave you some surprises, but I sincerely hope make you want to go.

But first, how we go about it?

Very simple:

BY TRAM: Line B, stop the city of wine

BY BUS: Liane 7, Corol 32, Citéis 45, stop the city of wine

BY CAR: 1, esplanade of Pontac, 33300 Bordeaux / parking opposite the city of wine

The must? Go there by boat! Feel free to take the BatCUB! –> More info

Opening HOURS: Every day from 9:30 to 19:30

Once arrived, guided by a cozy, technology and fun atmosphere.

Start with the temporary exhibition, right now it’s a photo on the construction of the city exhibition, the photos are amazing and provide a true immersion on the construction site, in a very artistic way of course!

IMG_5100 Les_itineraires_de_charlotte_la_cite_du_vin Les_itineraires_de_charlotte_la_cite_du_vin

But nothing better than to see it by your own eyes!

After the show, you will enter the wonderful world of the permanent exhibition!


And to make the most of all this technology, the city of wine to all planned:

THE TRAVEL COMPANION! And Yes, thanks to him you will be able to activate all the animations of the permanent exhibition! The big plus? It is included in the ticket!

This course is simply AMAZING! All senses are “put to the test” and the experience is really bearing! My state of mind after this visit? A burning desire to return!

Some of my pictures during my visit, history of you make your mouth water (or wine!)! :

Les_itineraires_de_charlotte_la_cite_du_vin Les_itineraires_de_charlotte_la_cite_du_vin Les_itineraires_de_charlotte_la_cite_du_vinLes_itineraires_de_charlotte_la_cite_du_vinLes_itineraires_de_charlotte_la_cite_du_vin

After this fabulous visit, take the lift and go up to 7th Heaven to the Belvedere to enjoy a glass of wine in Bordeaux, or stranger with a nice view of our city!


Careful attention, is not a panoramic view as you can hear it because the outside structure of the wine city cutting a little landscape, but the rest view to die!

The place not to be missed? The cellar! She is FANTASTIC!


To sum up, what can we do to the city of the wine?

-> 3 000 m2 OF COURSE PERMANENT: immersive, sensory and interactive with 19 thematic modules featuring more than 120 audiovisual productions.

-> Your TRAVEL COMPANION! (I decided to call “Buddy”)

-> 3 international EXHIBITIONS per year

-> Of ENTERTAINMENT AND CULTURAL EVENTS in an auditorium with a capacity of 250 seats


-> 7 THEMES of TASTING WORKSHOPS including a multisensory experience

-> The EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS for young audiences

The rates?

Full price: € 20 (permanent + tasting course)
Subscription formula solo € 48 / formula duo € 84.50
The free access (without ticket) areas:
-> Restaurants and shops (including a panoramic restaurant on the 7th floor)
-> A reading lounge
-> A space information wine Routes, relay to the vineyards in Bordeaux and elsewhere
More info? Visit the website of the city of the wine!

Then? Decided to go?



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