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Call me Sherlock! Escape Game in Bordeaux

[Mis à jour le 21/10/16] We change a little wine in this post… In recent months, Bordeaux hosts an activity which I became completely fan: the “Escape Game”.

My ranking of the games in the order of my preference:

(1) the small room. Puzzle Bordeaux

(exit after 51 min / 3 people with Yelp)

(2) Jack the Ripper | Escape Hunt

(I’m not out in time / 2 people)

(3) the law of the Jungle. Puzzle Bordeaux

(exit 40,29 minutes / 4 people) (to make for a first experience)

(4) the Ghost ship. Clock Escape

(exit at the end of 53 min / 4 people with Miss H)

(5) murder at the port of the Moon | Escape Hunt

(exit 59 minutes / 5 people with Yelp)

(6) the mystery of Saint-Emilion. Escape Hunt

(exit after 45 minutes / 3 people) (to make for a first experience)

(7) the missing Castle trumpet | Get out Bordeaux

(exit after 60 minutes / 6 people)

(8) the legacy of the Poyenne Street | Get out Bordeaux

(exit after 60 minutes / 4 people)

(9) the Bar of the docks. Get out Bordeaux

(I didn’t go out / 4 people) (not to do for a first experience)

An escape game, but what is it?

This is a game that is to be able to escape from a room in one hour. Players (from 2 to 6 participants) must look for clues scattered in a room, then combine with each other to move forward in the puzzle and come out of it.

I LOVE the idea! A friend living in England told me. As say you as soon as the concept arrived in Bordeaux, I was in the starting blocks!
FullSizeRender 9

To date, we have 4 signs in Bordeaux:

Escape Hunt / Pierre Loti, 33800 Bordeaux Street 5 / 05 24 72 56 50 / Facebook

Rates: When you book a room, it is privatised for you, regardless of the number of players

2 PLAYERS: €33 per person or € 66

3 PLAYERS: €29 per person or € 87

4 PLAYERS: €25 per person or € 100

5 PLAYERS: €21 per person or € 105

My big crush! 

I have a preference for this sign. The team is absolutely delicious and amazing! I am fan of the Sherlock series and looks to be part as soon as I walk out the door! The 3 games are really great!

A new room should emerge by January! I’m looking forward!IMG_2062

Puzzle Bordeaux / 23 Ruat Street, 33000 Bordeaux / 05 56 23 80 17 / Facebook

Rates: When you book a room, it is privatised for you, regardless of the number of players

3 PLAYERS: €27 per person or € 81

4 PLAYERS: €23 per person or € 92

5 PLAYERS: €19 per person or € 95

This brand offers 2 games in that moment that I liked a lot. The decorations are really nice and the puzzles really well thought out. The other thing? The game starts from the outside! So arrive on time and press the intercom as soon as your team is complete! (Besides, the music of the Sherlock series welcomes you!)

Having beaten the record for the month of February (the law of the jungle), I won a bottle of Champagne! Yes Yes! The great class!

I just tested their new room: “Little room”! AMAZING! Live in top 1 ranking! A single lock to open, mechanisms in all directions, extremely well thought out and well designed! It’s an Escape which is really not like the others! I got really scared inside because the world of dolls frankly scares me but I would RECOMMEND this game! We did it to 3 (I think it’s the perfect number when you start to make a lot of escape) and we left after 51 minutes.

FullSizeRender 10

The small room - Bordeaux puzzle

Escape Bordeaux / 2 Place of the farm Richemont, 33000 Bordeaux / Facebook

Price: €18 per person / Attention, when booking, if you’re not 6, other players can book at the same time that you don’t privatize space.

My first experience at escape Bordeaux was a little disappointing at the level of the home itself. The staff is much less warm than on other signs (but it has still changed a bit in recent weeks). There is a game that I liked a lot (trumpet Castle), the other a bit much less see. The main advantage of escape Bordeaux is to have actors who interact with you during the game!

The other thing? When you make a game, at the end of your game you can buy one or more tickets at 25% (€ 13.50 instead of €18) without obligation to date. You receive by email a code to use in the year. A good idea for you to keep!

Here a fortnight, a new game will see the day! Can’t wait to test it!


The last one arrived in Bordeaux it’s Clock Escape I tested last night with their room: the Ghost ship! With a cohesive and effective team we beat in a little less than 53 minutes!

The décor is really hot, the fascinating puzzles and a really lovely reception team. I have not tested the other 2 rooms but as soon as that’s done, I integrerais in the ranking!

The big plus: a screen shows you the progress in your puzzles! It’s really nice, it lets you know whether or not it is well in time!

Practical information:

Clock Escape

36 the Mousque Bridge Street
33000 Bordeaux, AcquitaineVoiture: Parking Place Tourny / Parking Place of great men
B: TRAM Stop ‘Grand Theater’
C: TRAM Stop ‘Place de la Bourse’
Bus: Stop ‘Quinconces Orléans’ for lines 02 / 03 / 06 / 26 / 29 / 47 / 56

Opening hours: 

Phone: 07 68 68 33 14


3 PLAYERS: €27 per pers. € 81

4 PLAYERS: €24 per pers. €96

5 PLAYERS: €22 per pers. € 110

6 PLAYERS: €20 per person. € 120

Charlotte Clock escape routes

So, ready for the adventure?

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