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If we were reliving the battle of Castillon.

Fan of the Game Of Thrones series like a lot, when I am offered to relive an evening at medieval times, I say YES immediately! It is with an aspiring journalist, my 6 year old niece, July 15 we had the chance to test the new show from the battle of Castillon! A good time to share with family or friends!

Manon with Julien, the battle of Castillon actor / the son of Tablot

Manon with Julien, the battle of Castillon actor / the son of Tablot

This is to Castillon-la-Bataille that ended the hundred years war (where its pretty name) in 1453! The battle of Castillon show retraces the ultimate battle of this war whereby Aquitaine, English at that time, once again became French!

An absolutely magical evening that my little Manon has validated with a lot of pleasure and emotion!

The routes of Charlotte

In the program:

-> a large free parking is available (very well organized by the team, let you just Guide!)

-> arrivals on the site at 7 pm, we were able to enjoy the medieval village where farm animals, crafts, fights and dances are in the spotlight! (free entry)


-> 7:30 pm, we were on the stand of Castillon, sides of Bordeaux to taste (for my part) and interview winemakers of the appellation for Manon. A very good time. I already told you on the blog of these wines that I re-discovered in September! To back at the heart of this land of character, I suggest you to click here to the side fun of the appellation and here for the gastronomic side! (Ticket tasting with your ticket to the show)

The routes of Charlotte

-> at 20: 00, direction the restaurant of the battle of Castillon, the site for dinner around a good meat cooked to a branch. (€17 the full menu) Of course, you can plan your picnic.

-> from 22: 00, you can direct you to the bleachers to take place (numbered seats) and enjoy the magnificent view of the castle of Castegens until the beginning of the show!


-> 10:30, the show begins! And, get ready for 1:30 of this pageant where more than 400 actors and 50 horsemen evolve in front of you. 1 h 30 of emotion, joy, fear and laugh! I don’t want to tell you too that you have some surprises, many even!

charge_300 bataille_camp_300 [580468]

-> 00 h 00, end of the show (with a very nice Fireworks), back to the parking lot is done with a hedge of honor to all players! A very powerful moment!

My advice:

-> Arrive at 7 pm (see 18 h) If you want to enjoy all the entertainment and tastings

-> Plan caps and sunscreen for the early evening

-> Warm clothing for the show (personally I had a plaid hot to wrap us in with Manon, and we did not get cold!)

-> Wait right until the end of the show to make the most of, the parking lot traffic too much too at the exit (took me less than 5 minutes to reach the road)

The routes of Charlotte


14 performances will take place between July 15 and August 20, 2016.
15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30 July / August 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20

One hour thirty show with a beginning at 22:30 in July and 22 h in August.

Ticket prices:
Adults: €23 / children from 5 to 12 years: € 12/children of under 5 years: free (on the parent’s lap) / special rates for groups of more than 20 people

Reservations and information:

Phone 05 57 40 14 53 / [email protected]

As a bonus, having started the article by Game Of Thrones, here is a small video outtakes of the season GOT 6!

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